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Building in Perspective

Interested in learning about the Perspective module? The Building in Perspective course is the best place to start! In this miniseries, our instructor guides you through the process of creating your first Perspective project.

Length: 3 hr 49 min


Prepare our environment by installing Ignition and configuring the Gateway.


Perspective Basics

Learn more about specific Perspective features and interactions that we'll use throughout the course.


Creating the Overview

Develop our project's first primary view and learn to add bindings, use transforms, and create embbeded views.


Adding Navigation

Learn to set up navigation across different pages in a project.


Creating Station Details

Create the Station Details view, the most complex of our screens. Use the tools from prior lessons, and expand our knowlege by embedding multiple flex containers and using view parameters, URL parameters, and the Flex Repeater component.


Mobile Views

Customize the project so that it will look great on mobile devices as well as a desktop.

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