Learn how to activate Ignition offline without an Internet connection from the Licensing page of the Gateway Configure section.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] Activating a license on a gateway that does not have an active internet connection is still a fairly simple process. First, we're going to need to log into our configure section of our gateway webpage. Next, you go to the licensing page and we're going to want to scroll down to the bottom right here where we see a section that details that we can activate offline. We're going to want to click the activate offline button. We're taken to a new page where we can enter in our license key on the left here. Once we enter in our license key, we're going to hit this download activation request button. You'll notice it downloads a file called activation underscore message dot txt. We're going to need to take this text file to a computer that does have an active internet connection and on that computer we're going to need to go to a website with this link. Now, while I'm able to just click the link because I do have an active internet connection you're going to have to move the text file to something like a thumb drive, move it onto another computer, and copy that link from this computer onto the computer with the internet connection so you can complete this process. Here, you'll notice we can activate ignition by choosing that text file that we just downloaded. Once we choose that file, we'll need to hit this upload activation file button. Doing this downloads a new file called license dot ipl. This file we'll need to take back to our ignition gateway machine. And in our ignition gateway come back to this activate ignition offline page. On the right here, we can choose that dot ipl file that we just downloaded. Once we've selected it, we're going to need to hit the activate button. This will activate our ignition gateway without sending a request to the inductive automation server from our gateway machine. So it does not require an active internet connection on the gateway machine.

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