Every Tag in Ignition can be configured to enter an alarm notification pipeline. Learn how to add pipelines to Tags.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Once we've configured our allow notifications pipelines, next step is to actually tell our alarms to use those pipelines when it becomes active, cleared, or acknowledged. To do this we're going to go ahead and edit one of our alarms we've configured already. So in the alarm configuration, there's a section called notification. And here there's an active pipeline setting, a clear pipeline setting, and an ack pipeline setting. So when the alarm becomes active, we can tell it to go into any of the pipelines we've created. So here I can select my notify. So essentially just by doing that, when that becomes active, it's going to go into the notify pipeline and it's going to go through that logic to notify a certain set of people. We can also notify people when the alarm becomes cleared and when the alarm becomes acknowledged. Typically though, you want to put a pipeline in there for the active pipeline. And we can do this for any alarm we have configured in the system.

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