Learn how to connect Ignition to the Oracle Express database from the Config section in the Gateway.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] In this lesson we'll take a look at connecting Ignition to an Oracle XE database. So as always with database connections, I am in the gateway in the configure section. Scroll down just a little bit here. You can see under databases, I have the connection page up. So we're going to start by clicking this create new database connection link here. And we'll scroll down, take a look at our drivers. We do have a Oracle JDBC Driver, so I'll select that driver and I'll click next. We'll change the name of this connection here. So I'll call this one Oracle. And we'll scroll down a little bit further here. As always, we need to make sure that our Connect URL points at our database. My Oracle installation is on the same server as Ignition so I can leave local hosts here aLone. 1521 is the default port for Oracle XE. My database is using the default port so I do not have to change this parameter either. The SID on the other hand, will need to change. Since I'm using Oracle Express this parameter needs to be set to XE. Let's scroll down a little bit further here. We need some user credentials here. I'm going to connect with the system user, all caps. Of course if you've created a different user that Ignition should use, go ahead and type their credentials in. Type in the password and that's actually it. We don't have to make any other changes. So I'm going to scroll down to the bottom of this page here, and I'm going to click this create new database connection button. And it looks like our status is valid, so I'm good to go. That's it. If you see a faulted status, remember there's this database connection status page link you can click on. This will take you to the status section of the gateway and you'll be able to see the database error. From here, you can start troubleshooting any issues you might have.

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