Learn how the Emergency Activation works in case of a hardware or OS failure and how to update your license afterwards.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] In the case of catastrophic hardware or operating system failure, where the Ignition Gateway would need to be completely reinstalled, Ignition has a built-in Emergency Activation Mode, which you can use to keep your Gateway activated for about seven days after starting. To do this, we'll need to go to the Configure section of the Gateway. Go to the Licensing page. Once here, activate our Gateway like we normally would with our current license key. Now once the Activation completes, they'll see that it's an actual license but it has no current activations on it. This is because when our license was activated on our previous Gateway we were unable to un-activate it because of the catastrophic failure. So the current license doesn't have any activations on it. When we try to activate it on this new Gateway it'll see that there's no activations and take us into Emergency Activation Mode. Emergency Activation mode lasts for about seven days, eight hours. In the case that, if the catastrophic failure happened on a weekend or a holiday, and you're not able to contact Inductive Automation in a timely manner, you can still keep your Gateway activated for a good amount of time, before having to call us. Now, to get your Gateway out of this mode, simply call Inductive Automation and let us know what happened. We'll fix your license for you and all you'll need to do is update your license. Once the license successfully updates, you'll see now that it's completed it sees that there was an activation on it and the Emergency Activation Trial banner has gone away.

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