The Client menu bar can be hidden or modified in the Project Properties window. The Windows menu can be removed individually while other menu bar items are displayed in the header.

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[00:00] The menu bar inside of the client can be modified. Command and navigation are set up using scripting, which we'll cover in those courses. But the windows or all of them completely, that can be removed, now using the project properties. To do so, we'll go into the designer, into Project, and then Properties, and then under Client User Interface. In here you can see that we have two check boxes, the hide menu bar and hide Windows menu. In the Windows menu, we'll hide just that Windows menu by itself. And the hide menus bar will hide the whole thing. If you click hide Windows menu, and then hit okay, and then we go and save our project. Then when we come back to the client, you can see we have an update here and once we update, you'll notice that Windows is still here. That's because you have to actually have to log out and log back in again in order for that to go. All right, now your Windows is gone and if we go back into the designer, into project, and then properties, we can remove the whole menu bar completely and this one will actually take without having to log out. So we'll go save and publish. Go back to our client. Hit update. And now you can see our menu is gone from the top of the client.

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