Learn how to preview the project and test it by interacting with the screens in the Designer before deployment.

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[00:00] To preview your project inside the Designer all you have to do is go into your screens and start playing around with the controls. Now this normally won't work, but Ignition Designer has a Preview Mode that will allow you to. Now I'm going to open up a window that I've already created here. You can see it's got a Hand Off Auto button, which is actually tied to this HOA tag. So if I want to select it, it will actually select the button, but if I want to preview it and interact with it as if the Designer was a client, all I have to do is put the Designer in the Preview Mode, and you can see there's a little icon for it here, or if you go into Project in the menu bar then you can see there's a Preview Mode option here, or you can press F5 as a keyboard shortcut. Now if I do this you can see that my ant tracks around the component go away, and my Component Palette is disable. This means that I can interact with the Designer as if it were a client. Similarly, you can go into the Tag browser and you can change values in here. Now I'm not actually in ReadWrite Communication Mode, so if I try to write to this value you can see that I have my Gateway Comm Mode is not ReadWrite. We'll go ahead and close that and set my Comm Mode to ReadWrite, and now I can either type a new value in here, or I can click on this button on the screen, and it'll actually change that for me. And all of your screens can be interacted with in this way, and almost all of the functionality in Ignition is available inside the Designer in Preview Mode with notable exceptions being things like retargeting.

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