Learn about the difference between a Project backup and a Gateway backup, and the pros and cons of each. When loading project backups, you have the option to overwrite or to merge the data.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] There's a big difference between project backups and ignition gateway backups. The individual project backups will include things like any templates, windows, transaction groups or scripts that are configured in that individual project. But it will not include any globally-scoped resources such as tags, authentication profiles and database connections. Because of this, it's important to know the difference between the two types of backups. So that when you take a backup, you can take the correct backup for what you need it for. An ignition gateway backup includes all of the projects as well as things like tags, authentication profiles and database connections. But when you restore gateway backup it will overwrite all currently configured projects and settings. Whereas an individual project backup can be merged onto a new gateway or overwrite projects on a current gateway. You can also restore individually exported project resources into an existing project on your gateway. When restoring a project onto a new gateway may be a good idea to take an export of any globally-scoped resources that the project may use such as tags, alarm pipelines or any shared scripts or templates.

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