Learn about the difference between a Project backup and a Gateway backup, and the pros and cons of each. When loading project backups, you have the option to overwrite or to merge the data.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] There's a big difference between Project backups and Ignition Gateway backups. And it's important to understand what these differences are. This way, when you go to take a backup, you can take the correct backup for what you need to use it for. An Ignition Gateway backup includes everything within the Gateway. All of your projects and the tags that they use. Your authentication profiles, database connections and even device connections. While it may be useful to have everything in a single backup, restoring a Gateway backup will overwrite all currently configured projects and settings within your Gateway. A Project backup includes things that are unique to the project, such as any vision or perspective resources, scripts, alarm pipelines, reports or transactions groups. When you restore a Project backup, you can add it as a new Project to the Gateway or merge it into an existing project on your Gateway. It will not overwrite any of your projects unless there is a naming conflict which it will ask you to resolve. Regardless of whether you're restoring a project or Gateway backup, it may be a good idea to take a backup of the project or Gateway you're restoring over. Just in case anything happens.

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