Learn how to create a simple report with a header, table, and pie chart

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[00:00] Let's create a simple report. We'll begin in the Data panel. I have this More Fruit data source I'd like to use. If we head over to the Design panel, expand down Datasources, we see that More Fruit's right here. Now the first thing I like to do is give my report a header. So we'll head over to the Component pallet, and under Shapes, there's Text shape. We're going to click on that. And we'll just drag and drop it right here on to our report. Now we can give this a title. Now you can see as I was typing up in here in the Property Inspector, the text was showing as well. So if you click off and click back on, you will see that we can resize this. So I'll just go ahead and center this a little bit more. All right, so now that that's in place, the next thing I would like to do is place a table down and show off the data in our datasource. So again we'll head back to the Component pallet. We'll grab a table and we'll drop it onto our report. Looks like about a good size right there. The next thing we'll do is grab our More Fruit datasource and drag and drop it down to our data key on our table. Next we'll take our Fruit key and we'll drag and drop it to the second from the left column on our table. And then we'll take the Quantity key and drop it on second from the right. Now there is a lot of modifications we can make to the table here, as well as the other components we're using in this lesson, but we'll save those for another video. Let's take a look at how our report appears. Go to the Preview panel. So we can see a lot of our data showing up as well as our header. This looks good so far. So we'll head back to the Design panel. We'll head down to the Component pallet and grab a Pie Chart. And again we'll drag and drop it down onto our report. Now I'd like to use the same datasource on this pie chart so we'll head back to our Key Browser. We'll expand Datasources and we'll take More Fruit, drag and drop it down to the Data Key. And we'll do the same for the label and the value cube. For the label and quantity and the value key. Now that that's all done, we'll head back to the Preview panel, and there's our pie chart down there. So you can see that once we had our datasources ready, it was very easy to create a simple report.

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