Learn how to embed templates inside of other templates.

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[00:00] It is possible to put templates inside of other templates, thus doing template composition. Here, for example, I have a tank template with a tank graphic, a linear scale for low and the high, and a LED display for the temperature. Rather than showing the temperature as an LED display, I'd like to use another template that I have. Here I have a temperature gauge that I want to bring in. You could just simply drag that template in and use it just like any other component. I want to make sure that I bind the template to the exact same thing that I bound the LED display to. In this case, I'm going to go down to my template and bind it to a property. I'm going to select my UDT and go inside and get its temperature PV. That's the same thing as LED display. I can now remove the LED display and make the template a little bit smaller. Now I have a template within a template. Inside my tank template, I have a temperature gauge. If I go back to my window, of course I'll see it in action where the two have different values here.

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