Learn how to search your project for specific components, properties, scripts, Transaction Groups and more.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we are going to take a look at the Find and Replace function. The Ignition Designer has a Find and Replace function that allows you to check through all of the things that are in your project. To use it, we're going to go up to our Edit menu bar item, and then go to Find and Replace. Or you can just press Control + F anywhere in the Designer. Once this opens up, you can see we have a couple of different sections here. Up at the top, we have a space where we can type in our search term, which can include the star symbol, which acts as a wild card, and will match with any characters in that spot on the term. The Target section also allows you to focus your search on specific areas of the project. A Select All option up at the top will select and de-select all of the options, and then I can go from there, selecting or deselecting different areas that I want to target.

[01:06] So, as an example, I will search for the word button in my project. You can see we get no results, which is odd because I know I have a button component on a view. If I look closely at my targets, I can see that I am only looking at open views, of which there are none because I haven't opened any of them yet. So, I want to set this to All Views, which will search them whether they are open or not. Once I make that change, you can see that now results come in. You can see there's even a Replace category down at the bottom. So instead of Button, I could rename it to something else if I wanted to. Maybe Cool Button, and you can see how it would change it. I can either replace just this one, or I can replace all of the items that the search matched. Now, I don't actually want to do any replacing right now, but I do want to go and find this particular button in my project.

[02:04] So what I can do is double click on the item, and you can see how our project browser in the upper left-hand corner changes and takes me directly to where in the project that item is. And that is how the Find and Replace system works.

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