Alarm Status – Filter on Associated Data


Learn how to filter the alarm status component on an alarm's associated data.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Another way we can filter the Alarm Status Table that's provided by Ignition is on the associated data that we add on alarms. So for example here, if I go to my WriteableFloat1, I have on the alarm, the ones I configured, I have an association data that I've added called Group, and I have a static value for this one called Group A. I've done the same thing for other alarms as well. So I can actually filter what's shown here in the list based on that associated data. So I can look for all the Group A's or Group B's or Group C's or whatever grouping that I want to put in there. So to do this, I need to right-click on the Component and go into the Scripting area. In the Scripting area, there's a Extension Function we have for filtering alarm. This actually allows you to filter on anything that you want. You could do more than just the associated data here but typically we use the associated data. I'm going to go ahead and enable this. And in here basically every alarms are going to get evaluated, and they're going to return either true or false, and if it's true, we're going to show the alarm, if it's false, we're not going to show the alarm. Essentially what I want to do is I want to get the group. So I'm going to say group equals the alarm, the Event.get, and I'm going to specify the associated data, the name of the associated data called Group. I'm going to then say if the group is equal to Group A, I'm going to return true, else at the very end I'm going to return false. So essentially it's only going to show me all of the Group A alarms here. So we are using Scripting to do this kind of filter to use the associated data, but it gives us the freedom to filter on anything that we want. So here by doing that, as soon as I press OK, I'm only going to show all of the ones for Group A, and I've only put two of my alarms in that group.

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