Changing Gateway Memory Allocation


Learn how to change the amount of memory (RAM) dedicated to the Gateway service by editing the Ignition configuration file (ignition.conf).

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] Like all pieces of software, The Ignition service is allocated a certain amount of memory or RAM that it is allowed to run with. To see how much your system is allowed to run with, go ahead and go to the Status tab, then go to the Performance page. We can see here that our system is allowed to use 1,980 megabytes, about two gigabytes of RAM. If we wanted to change this value, we would need to first go into the ignition.conf file, which is located in the data folder of the install directory. And we open up the ignition.conf file, we're going to want to scroll down to the section called Wrapper Java Properties, and we're looking for the property called Maximum Java Heap Size. The line below it called wrapper.java.maxmemory is the line that we're actually going to be changing. We can see we're using about two gigabytes of RAM right here but because I have a 64 bit system I can bump this up a little bit to say, four gigabytes of RAM. I would then need to save this and restart my gateway for the change to take effect. One important thing to know is that if the max memory here is set higher than what is currently available on the system, the Ignition service will stop and then fail to start again, and it will log an error in the wrapper.log file explaining why. If this happens, simply come back here, set the max memory to something more appropriate, save the file, and restart the gateway again.

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