Connecting to Micro800


Learn how to connect to Allen-Bradley Micro800 devices.

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[00:00] In this lesson, we will learn how to connect an Allen-Bradley Micro800 device. We first need to navigate to the config section of the gateway. If I scroll down on my config page, you will see the device connections section under OPC-UA. I'll go ahead and choose device connections to create the connection. We'll click on create new device. On the driver selection screen, we'll choose the Allen-Bradley Micro 800 driver, and we'll scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit next. Now, the only things we need to configure to create the connection are the name and host name properties. I'll go ahead and name my device. For the host name you would type in the IP address of your device. I'll leave the port as the default 4 4 8 1 8. Now, there are some additional configurations you might want to consider when making the connection under the advanced settings here.

[01:03] Due to the limitations of the PLC, tag reads and writes are not optimized into fewer requests like they would for other device drivers. So for these settings, you should refer to the user manual Micro800 page, for more information. I have included the link to the user manual below this video. Finally, you would click the create new device button to complete the connection. If the device creation is successful, you will see the status as connected and the enabled property set to true.

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