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Connecting to Mitsubishi Devices


Learn how to set up a Mitsubishi device connection in the gateway.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this lesson, we'll demonstrate how to connect to a Mitsubishi device in Ignition. Here we'll start out in our Ignition gateway's Config tab. To create a new device connection, we can scroll down a bit to the OPC-UA option, where we can select its Device Connections suboption. That takes us to the Devices page, where we'll click on Create New Device. Here we see a list of all available device driver types. We'll scroll down a bit, select Mitsubishi TCP, then scroll down to the bottom and click Next. Now we're prompted to configure the parameters of our device connection. The primary ones for us will be the Name, the user specified device name, which I'll set to mitsubishi_device, the host name, the device's IP address, which for me will be, and the port, which for me will be 1031.

[01:08] Your device parameters, of course, will vary. This is the minimal set of parameters needed to set up the device connection. We may also need to specify the MELSEC series, but we'll leave it at its default value of iQR. There are also a small handful of other customization parameters available. For full descriptions of all of these settings, please refer to the online Ignition User Manual. We'll go ahead and accept all other default parameter values. Then we'll scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Create New Device. This brings us back to the earlier Devices page where we started. If we're successful, we'll see the specified mitsubishi_device added to the device connections list with a status of connected. And that's it. Our device is now ready for further addressing setup, which will be the subject of a following lesson. So in this lesson, we've shown how to create and configure a Mitsubishi device connection in Ignition.

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