Docked windows fill up the edges of the Client. When you have docked windows that share a corner, you can specify who takes precedence over that corner.

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[00:00] In this video, we will learn about Axis Precedence of Docked Windows. When you use more than one docked window in your project, the windows will dock to various sides of the client, but there's a setting that controls, who will take precedence of the corners. As you can see here, I have all four docked windows open. I have West, North, South, and East docked windows. I also have a Main Screen in the middle that is filling up the rest of the space. Now, the East and West windows, as you can see, are actually taking precedence of the corners, so the blue and red are going all the way up to the top and to the bottom of the screen, while the North and South are inside of the East and West windows. There's a setting that controls this, though. We can go back to the Designer, up in our Project Properties at the top right of our Project Browser.

[01:03] And if you go in to client User Interface, there's a property for Docking, Axis Precedence, which right now is set to East/West. If I set this to North/South, this allows the North and South dock windows to take control of those corners. So, if I save this setting and go back to my client, you'll see that now the North and South dock windows are taking precedence of those corners.

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