Learn how to concatenate strings using an expression binding.

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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll demonstrate how to concatenate two strings in an expression binding. I have a window in my Vision project with two labels that tell the user who they're logged in as. One of them has some hardcoded text and the other is bound to the username tag that's found in the System provider under Client and User. I can drag a new label onto the window and add a binding and accomplish the same thing with only one label. I'll add an expression binding to the text property and I can add the same text "logged in as" with double quotes to denote a string. In order to concatenate this with another string, I'm gonna add a plus sign, and then I wanna pull in the value of that tag. So I'll click the tag button, drill into the tag, and hit okay. A reference to this tag value will automatically be added to the expression. Now I'll hit okay on the binding window. And this label now concatenates the "logged in as" string as well as the result of the username tag value.

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