Learn how to use various navigation strategies for your Ignition project.

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[00:00] There are several different types of navigation strategies that you can use in Ignition. They all share the same idea. First you want to pick which windows will open on startup, and then from those windows you can navigate to other windows. How you perform the navigation is up to the strategy that you choose. You can use tabs to get around, you can use a treeview, you can have back and forward buttons and a lot more. All you're doing is simply opening and closing a set of windows in the client. Let's take a look at a couple of examples. So here you can see this is a typical navigation strategy. Where I'm opening up a docked west window and a main screen. I only have one main screen that is going to be open at a time. I'm using tabs through here to get around so I can go to main window 2, 3 as you can see, all it is doing is swapping out the main screen on the right hand side. Since I can only see one of them at a time, I am only going to have one of them open. I can also click on popup windows, open those and move them around in the space here, no problem. If I'm using tabs here to get around to the various windows, and buttons on the screens, possibly go into more detail with opening popups.

[01:01] I can use treeviews to get around. So here I am using a treeview left hand side where I can have multi-tier level of navigation, where I can click on any of these, double-click, open up that window. Just like the previous one except for I'm using tabs. I can have back and forward buttons, so here is our demo project, which shows where I can go back and forward. The tops navigate between different areas. Again, we are opening up one main screen, and we're swapping it here. And from those windows I can open up popup windows to get, you know, to more detail of these different areas. So the navigation strategy that you choose is dependent on how you want people to navigate within your project. And what windows you want open is up to you. You can have one, or you can have several windows open at a time.

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