Redundant Licensing


Backup-only licenses can be applied to Ignition Gateways that are set up as a Redundant pair. This license forces one Gateway to become a backup node, and allows for redundant architecture at a reduced price.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] When setting up redundancy, you now have the option to purchase a back up only license, meaning the license will only be activated on a gateway that's going to be the backup in a redundant pair. I have my licensing page open, my license expanded, and you'll notice under Ignition Platform, the backup property is set to be true. Previously, you had to purchase two full licenses that you would activate on each of your ignition gateways and designate one being the master and one being the backup. You can still do this, we haven't taken that functionality away, but now you have the option to make a license backup only at a significantly reduced cost. If we come here under redundancy settings you'll notice that because my license is backup only it has now set the mode property to be backup only. Meaning, there's no dropdown for me to change it to be a master or independent system. While the backup only license reduces the flexibility if it ever needed to be used on another gateway, the reduced cost does open up the possibility of redundancy to more people.

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