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Refresh Action


Learn how to use a refresh action to refresh the current page of your Session.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] In this lesson we'll talk about the Refresh Action. The Refresh Action provides you a very simplistic way to refresh your page from one of your components. To begin with we'll grab a component from the Component Palette and if we collapse all of the different categories here under the Input category we have the Button component. We'll use this to trigger the Refresh Action. As with all actions we'll right click on our component, go down to Configure Events, and then we'll need to specify an event that will trigger our action. So I want my users to be able to refresh by pressing the button so we'll use the On Click action. Now that we have an event we can hit the plus button here and we'll select the Refresh Action. Now the Refresh Action is very simplistic, there's not a whole lot to configure. So we're ready to try it out. Let's hit okay. Let's save our project. Now this view I have configured here, named Refresh Action, I actually have, if I click on the cog icon at the bottom, I already have a page configured to show this view in my session. So we'll right click on the page and select Launch URL. So we see our session. If I press my button you'll notice that it's refreshing my page in the browser. So if for some reason I didn't want my users to hit refresh on their browser we can simply use the Refresh Action.

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