There are two primary window navigation operations: swapping and opening. Learn when and how to use each navigation operation.

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[00:00] There are two primary Window Navigation Operations; swapping and opening. In general, swapping involves closing one window and then opening another window in its place. And you can see that right here in the runtime. Now my main window, one, is the main screen. And when I click on main window two, it simply replaces main window one with main window two. I only have two windows right now open. If I go back to main window one, it's going to replace two with now one. Again, only having two windows open in the runtime. Whereas, opening windows, simply opens the window, and does not close or replace the other window. So that's what you can see here with my pop-up. I click on the open pop-up, it's going to open the pop-up window, and it didn't replace anything. I could have several other pop-up windows open at the same time. So opening windows could lead to several windows being open at the same time in the client. Typically, you want to use the open operation for pop-up screens, as well as docked windows. And you want to use the swap operation for mains screens like the main window one; the background screen there. Because you can only see one of the main screens, so you'll only want one to be open at a time. If I had two of 'em open, I wouldn't be able to see one of 'em because the one would be on top of the other. Let me show you an example of this. So here with my main window; instead of swapping with these buttons, I can go back in designer, and each of these buttons, I can actually go and change it to open. So rather than swap, we do an open. So when I open all three of these, I'm going to open a new copy, and I'm not going to close or replace a previous one. So we'll go ahead and save that, get back in my runtime now. Here you can see I have two windows open. If I click on main window two, it looks like I only have two windows open right now. But at the top, under windows, you can see main window one, and two are both open. If I click on one it brings to focus. So because I can only see one main screen at a time, it's not a good idea to use the open function. We should use the swap function for those windows.

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