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Clients can be launched with Java Web Start in Windowed mode from the Gateway Webpage or the Designer. Windowed mode creates a Client that appears as a normal windows program.

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[00:00] Ignition uses Java to launch it's clients. This is most commonly done using Java Web Start to launch a windowed version of a client. Here in the home section of the gateway web page, I can see all of the projects that I have available to launch a client of. To launch a client, I simply need to hit the launch button next to the project that I want to launch. This will launch the project in its default launch mode, which in this case is Windowed Mode. I know this because of this symbol right here. I can also click this drop-down to the right of the launch button, which shows me the other launch mode options such as full screen mode. For now, I'm just going to close the drop-down and click the launch button. In the Chrome web browser, you'll notice that there was a pop-up dialogue that came up at the bottom of the screen here asking me if I want to keep or discard what was downloaded. I want to select keep and then click what was downloaded, the JNLP file, to launch the client. This process is different in other web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once the client has launched, we're greeted by the login screen, where I can enter in my credentials to log in to the project. Since it is a Windowed project, I can resize the window to fit my needs just like I would in my native operating system. And finally, when I log in to the project, you will notice that the text will resize when I make the window smaller and bigger.

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