Vision Client Authentication Strategy


Learn how the two Authentication Strategies are applied to Vision Clients in this lesson.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we are going to take a look at the new authentication option for Vision clients. Normally, when you would open up a Vision client, you would log in using a user from a user source. Let's remind ourselves what that looks like. I'll go into my tools menu and launch my project. Let me pull it over onto this screen and we're greeted with the normal username password log in where we would type in our credentials and it would log us into the project. However, with Ignition version 8.1, there is now a new way to log into clients, and that is to use an identity provider. To have the Vision client use the identity provider on log in, we will need to go to the project properties. If we navigate to the Vision log in section, you'll notice at the top there is an authentication strategy and it is currently set to classic. Classic will use a user source for authentication. But I can change this to be identity provider, which will use an identity provider for authentication within a Vision client instead. I'll go ahead and hit okay, save my project, and launch it again. Pull it over onto this screen again, and now you can see we're no longer asked for a username and password. Instead, we're given a login button which will take us to our web browser where we can log in using an identity provider. You can see here that a new tab in my web browser opened up and it has allowed me to log in using my identity provider. Once I've logged in, it lets me know I'm good to go and I can close this browser tab and my Vision client will already be logged in.

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