Learn how to change the Client default updates from the default user notification (Notify mode) to an automatically pushed update (Push mode) in the Project Properties window. Windows are re-opened on each Update.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Ignition projects can be updated in one of two ways. The standard way is to get some sort of notification. So if I go and save my project in the Designer, and then come over to my client, you can see it has a project update available. Click here to update. You just click on that and hit the update button. And then it refreshes with the new information. But the second way that you can do this is in the Designer, if you go under project and then properties, then you can see under client there's a general screen and we have this update mode here. Now that was notify, but push allows you to push out all of your updates automatically without that bar at the top. So in order to make this happen, I'll choose push, hit okay, and now I'm going to have to save my project here. And the one small caveat with this push mode is that won't actually be sent out over an update. So what I have to do is I have to go and launch a new client. So I'm going to go ahead and launch a new Publish client. And then once I log in here, it'll have the new information. Now I can show you by going into Main Window 2, and I'll add a new component or two, and now once I save my project you'll see that this client will automatically update. And there it is. Now when a client updates, it does close all the windows and then reopen them again. So they'll go back to whatever the default states were in the Designer. So if you have a project where your operators are typing in a lot of information, you may not want to use this mode. But other than that, you don't even have to train you operators to click on the bar at the top to update the project. Everything will just automatically be pushed out.

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