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Learn how to change the Client default updates from the default user notification (Notify mode) to an automatically pushed update (Push mode) in the Project Properties window. Windows are re-opened on each update.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] There are two different ways for a vision client to receive updates once changes have been made to its project. The first way is via an update notification. The idea is that I can make a change to my project here in my designer. Let's say I want to add a chart component to my main window by dragging one over from my component pallet like so. If I want my vision client to update and show this chart component on my main window here, I have to first save my project. Now, I will bring up my vision client. Here, we are greeted by the same main window as in my designer. But you will note that the chart is missing. This is because although I saved my project, my vision client has not been updated. You may have noticed at the very top of my client, there is a small orange banner that tells us that there are available updates for this project.

[01:06] If I click on the banner, a small window will appear where I am asked to confirm if I really want to update my client. I will press the update button, which will cost my vision client to reinitialize. And now, I see the chart that we added earlier. What if I wanted my project updates to be automatically pushed to the client? We can actually change the way client updates are handled in the designer through the project properties. So let's get back to the designer. From here, I can head over to the project menu, project properties, and under vision general, I will find the update mode setting. We have already seen the notified mode. So I will select the push mode and press okay. For this change to fully take effect, I actually have to save my project first so that it knows to use the push update mode.

[02:05] Any change I make after that, like add another chart to my window, saving my project will cost this new change to automatically be pushed to the vision client. So if I were to bring my vision client back up, you will find that new chart on our window without us having to manually update the client. Now when a client updates, it actually closes all of its open windows and then reopens them again. Meaning that a client update could potentially disrupt your vision client during important operation times. This is why picking the right update mode for your project it's important. You can manually update your vision client using the notify update mode, or you can have your vision client receive project updates automatically using the push update mode.

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