A Bezier curve, also sometimes called a quadratic curve, is a type of line used in vector graphics that connects two points, allowing you to create smooth vector graphic shapes.

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[00:00] Not only can we draw straight line segments with the line tool, we can also draw curved lines. So you go here to the tool bar and select a line tool. At the very top, there are three options, straight line segments, perpendicular, and curved. If I click on the curved, I can make these nice Bezier curves. So let's say I want to draw a tooth. I can click on the screen, then click again, and this time it actually allows you to make this curve, and I've just kind of been keep moving my mouse around to kind of make these different curves. At the end I can connect it together, and now I sort of have this tooth graphic. On the right hand side of the tool bar there is a tool called the Path Tool, which allows us to actually edit the actual curves. So if I click on that, you can see all the curves that are here and I can easily use the circles here to sort of smooth out these different curves that are there, be I want to move 'em around, kind of change where I want it to be, so I can actually get it exactly the way that I want to look at the end.

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