A Bezier curve, also sometimes called a quadratic curve, is a type of line used in vector graphics that connects two points, allowing you to create smooth vector graphic shapes.

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[00:00] In this lesson, we'll demonstrate how to create Bezier curves using the Line Tool. When working with the Line Tool, we aren't limited to straight line segments. We can also draw curved shapes. Bezier curves, sometimes called quadratic curves, let us draw smooth continuous shapes using a series of control points. To demonstrate, let's begin by heading over to our Drawing Tools palette on the right and selecting the Line Tool. Then we'll move up to our toolbar where we see three available options: straight lines, perpendicular lines, and curved line segments. We'll select the curved lines option. Let's start by creating a simple curve. We will click on our Designer window and trace out a few points on some curved path, perhaps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

[01:04] Then as noted in the bottom message toolbar, we'll make sure to press enter to terminate path creation, and then also click to re-enable the Pointer Tool. Now we have this simple sinusoid shape. If we then click on the Path Tool, we see graphics handles for each point we clicked, along with tangent handles, one for each endpoint, and two for each interior point. We can now change some of the point placements and adjust the shape curvatures as we wish. Next, let's draw a bit more elaborate closed shape, perhaps a tooth shaped object. Once again, we'll click the Line Tool, go up to the top menu, and click the curved lines option if it's not already selected, and then start drawing our graphical object by placing a series of points. Since we created a closed shape, this time we don't need to click enter at the end, but we do need to re-enable the Selection Tool to terminate the points placement.

[02:17] We now have this curved tooth shape. When we click on the Path Tool again, we see a graphics handle for each point on the curve we placed, along with tangent line handles on both sides. As before, we can smooth or alter the shape by moving around some of its points, or by changing the curvatures about those points. So now, we've seen how to create curved shapes using the Line Tool and its Bezier Curves option, and how to shape them using the Path Tool.

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