Touch screen support is built into Ignition and you can turn it on through the Project Properties or scripting.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this lesson, we will explore the touchscreen capabilities of an Ignition Vision project. There are a few project settings associated with this touchscreen feature, so let's explore them now. From my Designer, I'll head over to my Project menu and select Project Properties. This will cause my Project Properties window to appear. From here, I'll head over to Vision General, where I will find the touchscreen mode enabled setting. Touchscreen mode should be enabled on all Vision projects by default. Once touchscreen mode is enabled, you can activate touchscreen mode via scripting, or you can have touchscreen mode become activated on Client start-up by using this setting right here. To test this functionality, all I will do is press OK. Save my changes.

[01:03] And then I will use the F10 shortcut key to open up my Vision Client. Once my Vision Client opens, if I click on my username text field, I will be greeted by a touchscreen keyboard. I can now use this touchscreen keyboard to put in my username. Similarly, I can use it to type in my password. Notice the protected characters for my password. I'll press Enter, and then press Login. That same touchscreen keyboard that I used earlier is also available for me to use from anywhere in the Vision Client. To demonstrate this, I'm gonna press this button here to open up a pop-up window, which contains both a text field and a numeric text field. Just like before, selecting the text field, I am greeted by my touchscreen keyboard, so I can type pretty much anything I want.

[02:10] If I select my numeric text field, I am greeted by a numeric keypad that I can also use for numeric input. Just like that. By having touchscreen mode enabled and activating on start-up, Ignition will automatically show a touchscreen keyboard or numeric keypad to accept input from a touchscreen device. This functionality makes Ignition Vision Clients very flexible and usable on almost any type of device.

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