Touchscreen support is built into Ignition and you can turn it on through the Project Properties or scripting.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Ignition has touch screen mode built into it. And to change any of the settings for that all you have to do is go into the Designer and then under Project and then Properties. And then if you go to the Client and General tab you'll see that there are two touch screen options. The first one, Touch Screen Mode Enabled, just allows the client to use touch screen mode. The second one, Touch Screen Mode Active on Startup means that the clients will start with it automatically activated already. So to see this in action, we go ahead and hit OK and then save it. And then we're going to go ahead and launch a client. When you get to the login screen here you can see that in the upper right-hand corner we have an icon that looks like a rectangle with a little mouse pointer in front of it. If it's orange, then that means that touch screen mode is currently active. When it's gray, and I just clicked on it to turn it off, that means it's inactive. Touch screen mode enabled means this will show up and active on startup means it'll show up as orange. So now that that's activated, anything that you can type into an Ignition will pop up its own onscreen keyboards. So if I click on Username here, you can see that we have our alphanumeric keyboard. So we'll log in with admin and enter and then we'll log in with our password and we'll put in that. And you can see that we have stars here because it's a password and we don't want to display that for everyone. And enter and login. Now you can see our project here. And if I go to Main Window Two where I have another text field, if I select that then you can see we get the same keyboard. And if I cancel that then we can go to Main Window Three where you can see I have a numeric text field. And if I select that then we get our numeric keypad.

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