See the default property settings for a new project. There are default settings for the Tags provider, database, publish mode, initial comm mode, window editing, and Client launching.

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[00:00] Ignition has many properties that affect not just components or screens, but whole projects. In order to get those all you have to do is go into the designer and then under project, and then properties. And this opens up our project properties screen. Now you can see there's many different properties here, and were going to talk about just a few of them right now. The first ones that we have here on our project general page, allow you to set which tags provider you're using, what database you're using and even some security information. Which we'll get to later when we talk about security. Down at the bottom here, we have our published settings, and this is a property that is particularly special. And it will allow you to split your save and publish from the menu bar up here at the top. See we have save and publish, split it to a save and a publish. And this means that you will have the ability to save your project and go and test it out using a staging version of the climb. And then once you've satisfied that all of your changes are correct, you can publish that and then everyone on the platform will get an update on the climb. The next one here, under designer and then general. You can see that there's Initial Comm Gateway Mode. That is the project comm off, comm read only, comm read write setting. How you'd like it to start in the designer each time the designer starts up. Now we've chosen read only as the default, because we don't want anyone accidentally changing values in the PLC or in the database, but if you're okay with that then you're free to change it to you're read write. Under window editing here, we have a lot of information about how the components are going to first be created and how they're going to behave. You can see that we have our manipulations here, whether or not to force your components inside the windows and how many pixels that'll be moved if you move the arrow keys or all the arrow keys. What the default layout is, so relative or anchored, and whether you're maintaining aspect ratio on that. And down at the bottom here, our default color map. This is for our number to color translations so if you bind a color property, then what colors do you see initially? Is zero black, one of white. And you could change that if you wanted to. Maybe zero is red, one is green and two is yellow. If you wanted to. Under client launching here, we have a whole bunch of information about how exactly that client is going to launch. Specifically being able to modify the gateway launch page. To show whether you want the default to be windowed or full screen, or applet. And whether you want any of those options to show up. And optionally to hide this project completely from the launch page. We'll talk more about some other the other properties in the next videos.

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