Learn how to connect to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix v21 devices.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] Lets take a look at how to connect Ignition to an Allen-Bradley Logix family device that's using firmware version 21 or above. The first thing were going to do is log into the configuration section of the Gateway webpage and scroll down to the device's page of our OPC UA server. We're then going to click on the create new device link and make sure the Allen Bradley Logix driver is selected. This driver can connect to older devices but it's optimized for devices with firmware version 21 and above. Once we have that selected, we're going to scroll down and hit the next button. We can then finish configuring the connection. We can give it a name. I'm going to name mine Logix V 21. And then for the host name property, we put the IP address of the PLC. Mine is We then need to hit the create new device button at the bottom. And once it connects to the device, it'll automatically browse it for any tags. We can then scroll down to our quick client under OPC connections, expand the OPC folder and find our device and you'll notice all of our tags are in here.

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