The information shown on the Client Login screen can be modified in the Project Properties window. The description, image, and text field names on the login screen can all be changed.

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[00:00] In this lesson, we will learn about the different ways you can customize your Vision project's login screen. Here in front of me, I have my default login screen for one of the projects in my gateway. On the upper left-hand corner, you will first notice a logo followed by a title of my project, which is just my project's name. You will also see text reels for both the username and password with their own labels. And you will also see a login button with a login text. Let's head over to our Designer so that we can explore some settings that will allow us to modify this login screen. I'm going to close the Client. And from my Designer, I'm gonna first head over to my project properties. I'll do that by heading over to the Project menu, Project Properties. And under Vision Login, we will see all the different settings that will allow me to customize my login screen.

[01:09] First, I'm gonna put a welcome message for my application. So I'll just paste this right here. I also want to give my application a new welcome image. So I'm gonna use this button here and I'm gonna select one of the images in my gateway. For my username text, I'm gonna say, Input your username. I'll do the same for my password text. And for my login button text, I'm gonna say something like, Press to login. Now for my locale selector, I'm gonna tell it to actually show the locale selector. What this does is, it allows you to select between user defined locales or languages for your Vision application.

[02:06] Once I'm done configuring my login screen, I can press OK. I can save my changes. And I can launch a Vision Client by using the F10 shortcut key. Once my Vision Client launches, you will notice on the upper left-hand corner my custom logo that I selected. You will also see my welcome message. And you'll actually notice that it respects the HTML code we pasted in there earlier. You will also see the custom labels for both password and username text fields. You will also see my locale selector to select the language for my Vision application. And finally, you will also notice the custom text on my login button. Just like that. By playing with a few projects settings, we can modify the look of the default login screen for your Vision applications.

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