Use the Line tool to create shapes and graphics by drawing lines, arbitrary polygons, or curved paths.

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[00:00] One of the most common uses of the drawing tools, Ignition, is to draw a line on your window. So in the toolbar on the right-hand side of the designer, there's a Line Tool that we can use to draw these lines. So I click on that tool to use it. The very top there are three settings for the tool. Draw straight-line segments, perpendicular line segments, as well as curved line segments. Let's go ahead and choose straight-line segments, and on the window I can click anywhere to start a line. You want to let go and then move your mouse around to actually figure out where you want to end the line. Click again to end it. At this point, you can still draw more lines to actually create a shape, but if you just press enter it'll complete the line. So you can do that again click down here, move it around, where I want to end it, click again to end it, press Enter; it creates a line. I can also click and then hold down Control, should actually snap to various angles. So I can make vertical or horizontal lines very easily. Hold down control then click again, press Enter; it'll complete that line. You can then go back to the Selection tool at the top right to resize the lines afterwards. So if you want to make it bigger or smaller or move it around on the screen, it's very easy to do so. All the lines have properties down at the bottom-left that we can set. So I can set the Stroke Paint and the Stroke Style, which is the color and the style of the line. So say for example, I want to make this straight line a dashed line. So I can go into the Pencil and Stroke Style. I can make the width five pixels, and then I can select one of my dash patterns like I like this one right here. And as you can see now, I have a dashed line here. So creating lines is really simple using the Line tool in Ignition.

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