Use the Line tool to create shapes and graphics by drawing lines, arbitrary polygons, or curved paths.

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[00:00] A common use case of the drawing tools in ignition is to draw a line on your window. To accomplish this, we will use the line tool, which is located on the right hand side of the designer. We can use the line tool by clicking on the designated icon. This will trigger three line variants to appear at the top of your screen. Those are straight line segments, perpendicular line segments, and curved line segments. Let's go ahead and create a simple line. The straight line segments option is applied by default, and we can draw one by clicking anywhere on the window. Letting go of our mouse button, we will simply mouse to our desired segment length, and clicking our mouse again will lock in this segment indicated by the green coloring. Finally, we'll complete our line by hitting the enter key. You can also complete a line by double clicking on your end point. We are not limited to simple lines. We can create a line with multiple segments. Let's do this by starting a new line segment, and from here we can see our new red line segment lets us continue and add multiple segments. Additionally, we can snap a line segment to any 15 degree increment.

[01:14] Let's click on the window again to see this and hold our control key. If we mouse around, we'll see our next segment is snapping to the nearest angle. We can also edit the properties of the line on our window. To do this, we will first need to click on the selection tool located in the top right of the designer. Clicking on the selection tool will allow us to change the line's size using the arrow handles and move it around our window. Located on the left hand side, we will find additional properties in the property editor of this line. For example, let's alter the stroke style property. By clicking on the pencil icon, we can increase its width to five pixels and transform our solid line to a dash line. With the changes applied, we can see our line is dashed. To recap, we learned how to use the line tool to draw simple lines, lines with multiple segments and how to edit their properties.

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