The path tool is used to edit the paths of your vector graphic shapes.

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[00:00] Once you draw some shapes using the drawing tools ignition, it's possible to actually alter the shapes after it's been created and we can do that using the path tool we have in our drawing tools. So on the right hand side of the tool bar there is a path tool. When you click on that tool then click on any of the components that we want to actually modify the paths for. So if you have a component that has curves you will see all the curved paths and you can modify those curves. If the component just has straight lines you'll see all the straight lines and you can modify them afterwords. So you just click on the little handles here and you can actually change the shape and modify how you want that thing to look go to my curves and of course I can change the curves and smooth out how I want those curves to actually look and move that around. Same thing is true of course for this one up here I can modify on the star and move all my points around where I want them to be. Another thing you can also do with the path is you can actually subtract or add points like if I click on a point here and at the top I can remove it by using this little button at the top or I can select two points maybe I want to select these two by just making a box and I can actually just add a point in the middle. So I add a new point here you see the new one is in the middle that I can then move around So its definitely possible after you create these shapes to modify them and make them your own.

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