All shapes have three properties that affect how they look: Fill Paint, Stroke Paint, and Stroke Style. The Fill Paint property represents the interior color of the shape. The Stroke Paint property represents the color of the shape's outline. The Stroke Style property affects the thickness, corners, and dash properties of the shape's outline.

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[00:00] All of the components that we draw using the drawing tools, have a fill and a stroke that we can configure. So here I have a rectangle and a circle on my window. Now click on the rectangle there's a couple of properties under appearance that are in charge of the fill and the stroke. So there's a fill paint which is the background color, the stroke paint which is the color of the outline and then the style of the outline. On the fill paint I click on the pencil to select the color that I want. So I can go over here and I can basically click on the outside of the wheels, select any color. So let's say I want to go get a red, so I click inside the triangle to select whatever red I want. There is also a pallet as well as you can specify R, G and B or HSL if you want to look at a particular color that want you want to chose. On the the circle I can do the same thing, go to the fill paint. Maybe I want this one to be green, I go down to green and select green. Now the background there is setup. There are other things we can do with the background that we will look at in another lesson like doing gradients. On the stroke paint and the stroke style, the stroke paint is the color of the outline and I can easily set that to whatever I want. Let's say I want this to be you know a nice dark blue or something. You will see outline of the circle is blue. The stroke style we can certainly set the width to be higher if want that to be maybe four pixels so it can have a lot stronger of a outline. I can also specify a dash pad I want to. Maybe I want to use this one right here I can have a dash pad around that circle. There's also a cap style and a join style and a miter limit and a dash offset we can configure for the stroke style. So every shape we create is going to have a fill and a stroke that we can configure.

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