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Gateway Status Page Troubleshooting


Learn how to navigate the Gateway Status page, and how to use the built in tools to troubleshoot any problems that the Gateway may have.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] The Status section of the Gateway webpage is a great tool that you can use when troubleshooting any issues with your Ignition system. On this first Overview page, our attention is immediately drawn to any areas that are having some issues. In this case, I can see that one of my database connections is faulted as well as my Gateway Network connection. Clicking on one of these will bring me to a new screen where I can see some more details about what's going on. Here, all of my database connections would be listed and I can see the status of each of them. In this case, my one database connection is errored out and I can actually click on the error message here to see more information. In this case, Ignition is failing to connect to the database and it's receiving a timeout, and it's telling me to verify some information to make sure it's correct. More than likely, I probably entered in the host name wrong and I would simply need to go back and correct that. On many of these more detailed pages, in the upper right-hand corner, there is a button that says Configuration. Clicking it will take you to the relevant Config section for the area that you are looking at. Because we were troubleshooting our database connection, that Configuration button took us to the Database Connections page in the Config section. Back in the Status section, it's important to note that the areas listed in the center here are only general areas of the Ignition system. In the tree on the left-hand side here, there are some more pages that take you to very specific systems. For example, if we look at the Gateway Scripts page, we can see all of the Gateway Scripts that are currently running within our Ignition system. This page lists out all of our Gateway Event scripts. In this case, we're looking at the Timer scripts because we're in the Timer tab and I can see that my one timer script has an error. Down at the bottom, there's a special logging section that will only log events for this particular area, in this case Gateway Event scripts. I can either find my issue in the Log Activity section or just like before, I can click on the error next to the script that I'm looking at and it's going to give me more information about what's causing that error. In this case, I know on line three of my script that the myVar object is not defined. All these error messages have a Copy button, making it really easy to copy the error out and send it to someone else.

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