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Launching a Session


Learn how to launch a Perspective Session from the Gateway Webpage or from a URL.

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[00:00] A Perspective Session is launched within the web browser, meaning it simply opens up as another tab or window in your web browser. You can launch Perspective Sessions from your Gateway Homepage, which we're currently looking at right now. In the middle of the page, on the right-hand side, you'll notice a View Projects button where we can view all of our projects that have Perspective elements in them. To launch a Perspective Session, we simply need to click on the Launch Project button underneath the session that we want to launch. You'll notice my Perspective Session launched as a new tab within my web browser. I can simply switch back and forth between the two tabs to see my Gateway and the Project that I've just launched. You'll also notice that I didn't have to login to the project. By default, Perspective Sessions don't require that you log in to view the contents of the project. However, you can customize security and require a login if it's needed. Finally, because my Perspective Session is just another page in the web browser, you'll notice that it has its own URL. We can actually use this URL to launch a session without even having to go to the Gateway webpage. I'm going to go ahead and enter in my other project's name here, in this case, Test, and you'll notice I launch my test project as well. This eliminates the need to go to the Gateway to launch a Perspective Session. You simply need to know the URL of the project you're trying to launch. We recommend bookmarking the projects that you want to launch often.

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