Learn how to navigate through your project using forward and back buttons on your main screens.

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[00:00] In this lesson, we will explore a vision navigation strategy, that uses forward and backward buttons on your main screens, to navigate between the different windows in your vision application. As you can see, I do not have a dock window that contains tabs, tree views or buttons to navigate around like we saw in previous lessons. All I have is a button on the upper right-hand corner, that if I press, I will be taken to a different main window, Main Window 2 in this case. In Main Window 2, we see a similar button in each upper corner that allows me to further navigate to other windows in my project, essentially going forward and backward, throughout all the windows in my vision project. Let's dive into our designer and let's take a look at how this works. Here in the designer, I have my Main Window 1 currently open. The navigation mechanism, is handled by buttons with navigation scripts configured on them.

[01:07] To access these navigation scripts, I will right click on my button and hit to its scripting menu. Once the scripting editor opens, I will see this button's navigation action configuration. As we can see, this button is configured to swap to Main Window 2. We use the swap navigation operation to ensure that there will always only be one main window open, at any given time. If I close out of here, and head over to my Main Window 2, which I also have open, you will find similar buttons on each upper corner. Right clicking on any of these buttons and going to their scripting menu, you will find a very similar navigation action script, that swaps to a different main window. Using this configuration, you can set up navigation buttons on each of your windows, to allow you to swap between all of your projects screens.

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