Navigation – Back and Forward Buttons


Learn how to navigate through your project using forward and back buttons on your main screens.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Another navigation strategy to use in Ignition is to have forward and back buttons on your main screen to navigate between different windows. As you can see here, I don't have a docked window that contains tabs or tree view or buttons to navigate around. All I have is one big main window here. On the top right, there's a button to navigate to the next one. So I click on Main Window 2 here, it brings me to Main Window 2. What it does, it swaps out Main Window 1 with Main Window 2. So always have one main screen open in the back. Then from here, I can go back to 1, or I can go over to 3. So I can navigate very easily between all three of these windows. Of course, I can have a lot more here. It's a really simple thing to set up in the Designer. All you got to do is put a button on your window, doesn't matter where, and that button, you're going to right-click and set in the scripting what it's going to do when somebody clicks on it. So on the action performed, I here am setting it to swap to Main Window 2. So I'm using the Swap function here, so I make sure that I only have one main window open at a time. If I use the Open, I'd have multiple windows open, so typically you want to use Swap for those main windows. On the Main Window 2, I have two buttons; the top left, it's going to go and swap to Main Window 1. The top right is going to swap to Main Window 3. So we're using the swapping function here, and we can put buttons on windows to easily have this simple script that we can build to go back and forth between different areas.

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