Learn how to navigate through your project using a map to drill into different areas of your project.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Another really popular navigation strategy in Ignition is to drill into various parts of the application using a map. So here you can see I only have one main screen open right now. In the background, there is a picture of the plant. On top of that, there are three squares that are colored, so I can drill into those areas. If I click on this one here, drills into Area 1. In the top right, there's a button here to go back to the map. Then I click on the second one, drill into Area 3. Go back, go up here to the top, Area 2. So I can easily drill into various parts of the plant by using this strategy. It's a really simple thing to set up. In the Designer, I have a window where the background is simply an image, and that's just the image of my plant. On top, there are three rectangles here. The rectangle is semi-transparent so I can see through to the background, and the cursor over here, the property's set to Hand so when they put their mouse over it, it looks like they can click on that box. The square here, if I right-click, go down to Scripting, it is basically set on a mousePressed to swap to Area 1. So it's going to swap the map window to Area 1 window. Then on the Area 1 window, top right there's a button here called back, which allows me, if I look at the Scripting here, it basically is set to swap back to the map. It's a really simple navigation strategy to set up and really popular because it lets people orient themselves in where they're at in the factory and they can drill into all these different sections very easily from one place.

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