Learn how to navigate through your project using a map to drill into different areas of your project.

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[00:00] Another popular navigation strategy in Ignition is to drill into various parts of a vision application using a map. Currently, I have a vision client open where I can see a map of the state of California. This map illustrates two different facilities, one facility in Northern California, and one in Southern California. These two facilities are denoted by these transparent rectangles right here clicking on the facility one rectangle will swap the currently open main window through my facility one window which shows me tack history for this specific facility you will notice a back button on the upper right-hand corner and clicking on that will bring me back to my map window. I can then click on the Facility 2 rectangle and that will be taken to my Facility 2 tech history window where I will find a similar back button on the upper right-hand corner.

[01:03] Let's head over to our designer and explore how this navigation mechanism works. Here I have my overview window which contains a map of the state of California in the form of a scale vector graphic, or SVG object. You can learn more about SVGs and ignition in our SVGs lesson. Now our transparent rectangle objects are nothing but groups made up of rectangle shapes and a label component. The group itself has a navigation script configured on it so that anytime I click on the group a slopped navigation operation takes place which takes me to my Facility 1 main window From the project browser I will right click on my group object and head over to his scripting menu. Here. I will see the mouse click the event handler script that will swap to my Facility 1 main window. I will find a very similar script on my Facility 2 rectangle with the exception that is swaps to Facility 2 main window.

[02:05] Now each Facility main window has a back button that allows me to go back to my overview window. So let's take a look at that now I will hit over to my Facility 1 window and on the upper right-hand corner, I will find the back button. I would right click on it. And I will head to its scripting menu where we will find an additional swap operation. That takes me back to my overview window. Using this navigation mechanism. I can configure as many Facilities as I want on my map and navigate to each Facility individually.

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