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An On-Call Roster (often simply called a "roster" for short) is a group of users in a specific order. Rosters are used for alarm notification.

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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll create on-call rosters so that I can pick subsets of users to receive alarm notifications. I've already gone through the steps of configuring contact information and schedules for my users. So the last step is to add them to a roster. In order to do this, I can navigate to the alarming config section and click On-Call Rosters. I don't have any rosters on my gateway yet, so I'll go ahead and click Create New on-call roster. I'm gonna end up creating multiple rosters, and I'll call this first one "Operators", and then I'll click the create button. Now it shows up on my list of rosters, but it currently has zero users. To change this, I'll click the more button and select Manage. This screen allows me to see my list of users and interact with them. First thing I need to do is choose which user source I wanna look at. So I'll click the dropdown and select my default user source, and this will populate with my users. You'll notice that some of the names have icons to the right of the names.

[01:03] These icons signify that these users have contact information set up for that method of contact. This roster is specifically for operators, so I'm gonna move over George and Joe by clicking the arrows to the right of their names. And then I can click save. Now the operator's roster is listed as having two users in it. I'll create one more roster, and I'm gonna name this one "All". So I'll click create, I'll enter the name, and click create. Just like before, I'll click more and then manage to add users. I'll select the default user source again, and this time this roster is intended for everyone. So I'm gonna add anyone with contact info. So George, Joe, John, and Mary. You'll notice that I added George and Joe to the previous roster as well, so users can be added to multiple rosters if needed. Now I'll click save, and you can see my two rosters here with a given number of users for each. These rosters are now ready to be used in alarm notifications.

[02:03] Be sure to check out our videos on alarm pipelines to see how to send out alarms.

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