Popup Window - Multiple Instances


By default Ignition only opens a single copy of each window in the Client. Learn how to open multiple copies (or instances) of the window in the Client.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this lesson, we'll go over opening multiple instances of a pop-up window. By default, the client will only open one instance or copy of a pop-up window. However, this can be changed. I have four tanks in my client and if I click one, it opens a pop-up with additional details. If I look at the Windows menu, I can see that there are two windows open: Main Window and Popup. If I click another tank, it opens a new pop-up. But there's still only two windows open. When I click a new tank, it passes the new parameters to this pop-up instance here. This happens by default to limit the number of open windows in the client. However, we can change this behavior and open multiple instances of the same pop-up window. Let's head over to the designer to see how to do this. I'm looking at my tank template right now and this template has a script on it that's opening the pop-up window. So let's look at that script.

[01:05] We can see that the script is opening my pop-up window and passing a parameter to it. In order to have this open an additional instance, all we need to do is click this checkbox here. This rewrites the script that controls this action so that when there's a pop-up already open, it opens another instance. I'll check this box and click ok. Now I'll save my project and go back to the client to test it out. If I start clicking my tanks, you'll see that additional pop-up instances start opening. If I look at the windows, you can see each instance of the pop-up listed here and I can do this as many times as I'd like.

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