Learn how to drag and drop Tags onto windows to create components and set up property bindings automatically.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll demonstrate how to easily set up tag bindings in vision by dragging and dropping. I already have some simulated tags in my tag browser that I'd like to add to my window here. I could create a component, find the property I want the bind to, click the binding icon, find my tag, and set up the binding that way. But that can be a lot of clicks. A much faster way to do it is to simply click and drag the tag and drop it directly onto my window. This will automatically create a component that's bound to this tag, so I can choose from the available display options and pick something like an LED display. And you can see that it's already bound to my tag and it updates whenever the tag updates. I can keep doing this and quickly set up a window that displays multiple tag values. You can also choose the control options to allow end users to interact with the tags. I'll drag this integer tag onto the window, and I can choose a slider that users can move to change the tag value. Depending on the tag type, the available components might change.

[01:04] So if I drag a boolean onto the window, I'll see some different options and I can choose something like a checkbox. If you have any templates set up in your project, you can also drag and drop to quickly instantiate a custom template, which can have multiple components grouped together. Another thing that you can do is create a component from the component palette and drag and drop a tag directly onto the component to automatically create the binding. And finally, if you want some more control, you can add a component to your window and then drag a tag onto a specific property. And you can do this to any property you choose. These are the several different methods that you can use to drag and drop tags onto windows to quickly set up vision projects.

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