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Tag Diagnostics


Learn how to find special diagnostic data about Tags, and how to be prepared when something goes wrong.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] When there's a problem with one of your tags, the tag diagnostics area is usually a good place to check. You see that I have one of my tags here this sine0, and I'm getting a little exclamation mark here for the value. Now you can always hover over that little icon there, and it will report whatever error it's currently showing. But the other area to check this out would be the tag diagnostics, so if I double click on my sine0 tag here, you see our friendly tag editor and on the right hand side I have this big blank area, that's currently the documentation I have for the tag, which I don't have any, but you'll notice that there is a diagnostics area, so if I click on that, we can see some diagnostic information about the tag. Now I would like to expand this area of the tag editor. So I can click on the little arrow pointing left or the less than character there and it should actually expand the details area here. So for the value, we're showing a null and error configuration, but I also wanted to take a look at this OPC area, which I can expand. So as you start adding additional configurations to your tags such as alarms, you'll start to see new areas under tag diagnostics that you can expand and get more information about. So we're seeing the last subscription value is returning an error configuration we have a null, on an OPC tag this generally means that there is a problem with the OPC item path. So if I were to go back to the rest of the tag editor here, I'll hit the little right arrow here, I can take a look at my OPC item path here and we see that I'm using sine0000. We could always go and check our OPC server, so I can hit the little edit button here on the right. I can browse down to our UA server, I can go down to my devises folder, I can find that simulator device that this is being populated with, I can go to my sine folder and yeah we don't see a sine0000, just the sine0 here. Now obviously this is a somewhat contrived example, but the larger lesson here is that when you are getting an error with the value of the tag, open up the tag editor, take a look at the diagnostics and see if you can find anything useful in there.

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