The Gateway webpage has three main sections: Home, Status, and Configure. From the Home page you can launch the Designer, Clients, and Sessions, from the Status page you can see current information on running systems, and from the Configure section you can set up all connections, projects, and settings for Ignition.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] We are currently looking at the Gateway webpage which acts as a sort of hub for everything within the Ignition software. To get to the Gateway webpage, you need to navigate to the Gateway server's IP address :8088 or in our case if you're on the server itself, localhost:8088 will do just fine as well. Initially, you start out in the Home section where we have some different actions that we can take to get started with the software. Up here at the top, we have the Ignition Designer Launcher which you can download and launch to get started with designing your very first project. Next we have our Application Launchers which allow you to either download the Vision Client Launcher where you can launch and view your Vision projects or you can view your Perspective projects which will launch right within your web browser.

[01:07] At the very bottom of the Home section, we have some helpful links that'll take you to various areas where you can learn more about Ignition such as our user manual or the Inductive University website where you're currently at right now. The next section is the Status section. The Status section typically needs a user to log in to the view this section so I'm going to log in with my admin user. Here we can get an idea of how our Ignition system is doing. This very first page here has some very general parts of the Ignition software. Each one of these parts would be highlighted red if there was an issue with it. We can also dive into some more specific sections on the left-hand side here such as looking at the Gateway system logs. The last section is the Configure section or Config for short.

[02:02] The Configure section also requires a login but because I've already logged in from the previous section, I don't have to log in a second time. The Configure section is where you can manage all of the different parts of the Ignition software. We can add new users, set up new database connections, add device connections, all sorts of things are possible here within the Configure section of the Gateway. If you wanted to manage a specific system but you weren't sure on which page on the left here that the system was located in, then in this Overview page right here in the middle, we do have some common things that people like to do to help you get started. Additionally, on both the Status and Configure pages, on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, there is a search bar where I can type in a search term and it'll let me know all of the places within the Gateway webpage where it finds that term.

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