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The Ignition Perspective App


Learn about the new Ignition Perspective app and how you can use it to launch sessions on your mobile device.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] The Ignition Perspective app is a mobile application that can be downloaded and installed on any modern iOS or Android operating system. You'll notice that I have an emulated Android device here, and I've already downloaded and installed the Ignition Perspective app on this device. You can find the Ignition Perspective app on your local app store such as the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. While a Perspective application can be launched from a mobile device's web browser, the Ignition Perspective app allows us to utilize the tools that the mobile device has available such as the accelerometer, the camera, or any geolocation data. I'm going to open up the app by clicking on it, and it takes us into the application where we can see a list of all of our potential Perspective projects that we can launch. Here we can see that I can actually launch two different Perspective projects from two entirely separate gateways. This first one here is the online demo project which I can launch from the Ignition. 8.0 Demo Server Gateway. The other is a project called test, which I can launch from the Inductive_University Gateway. To add additional Perspective projects that we can launch within the app, we simply need to click the plus button down in the lower right-hand corner. We are then presented with two options. We can either scan a QR code that may have the information that we need to navigate to a Perspective project, or we can do a gateway search where we will search on the network for an available gateway that has Perspective projects on it. Clicking on Gateway Search also allows me to select from gateways that I've used previously or manually input a gateway hostname and port if it doesn't find it automatically. Back on the main screen, we can also filter the list of projects that we see in this list by clicking on the magnifying glass up at the top to filter the list of applications. This allows us to find the project that we want to launch a little bit easier if we have a large list of projects. The Ignition Perspective app also has some settings that we can configure by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Here you can do things like organize the list of gateways or automatically launch a project when you open up the Ignition Perspective app. Let's go ahead and launch one of our Perspective projects now. I'm going to go back to the main screen and to launch a project, I simply need to select it from the list. I'm going to click on the Online Demo to launch this Perspective application. Here we see our Perspective application in our mobile device. Just like within the web browser, The applications launch within the mobile device are mobile responsive, so if I change the orientation of my device, the application will automatically adjust with my new configuration. As I mentioned earlier, because it's a native application that's running within the mobile device, it does have access to extra features that the mobile device has available such as a camera, accelerometer and a geolocation.

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