About Communication Modes


Learn how to change the Designer's communication mode: Comm Off, Comm Read-Only, and Comm Read/Write. The default setting does not allow writing from the Designer to Tag or database sources.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we're going to talk about the different communication modes of the designer. The Ignition Designer is a live designer, in that it will allow you to interact with live data, and it even shows you real time values. By default, in order to protect you from accidentally changing anything in the PLC or the database, the designer is set in a read-only mode. Up at the top of the designer, you can see there are three little icons up here, that you can select between, and if you go into the project menu, in the menu bar, you'll see those same three icons. One of them is communications off, one is read-only, and one is read/write. Again, Ignition is going to start in read-only mode, in order to protect you from accidentally changing something, but you can come in here and change it to read/write, if you wanted to go and write to a tag or to the database. Comm off means that it won't even read the data which may help minimize traffic on your network.

[01:10] You can also go into the project properties and change what the default mode the designer starts at when it first opens up.

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