Setting Project Polling Base Rate


SQL query bindings and Tag bindings have a base poll rate that can be adjusted for the whole project through the Project Properties window.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this lesson, we will learn about the project polling base rate. Ignition vision projects allow you to configure a project wide polling rate for any database related bindings that are configured to use it. Here are my designer, I have a power table, which has a SQL query binding configured on its data property. This binding is configured to use the project's polling base rate, which is by default, 5,000 milliseconds or five seconds. This means that every five seconds, my binding will reevaluate and pull the database for updated data. Let's look into this tables data binding and its configuration. With my table selected, I will head down to the property editor and find its data property. I will click on the chain link icon next to it to see its binding configuration. You will note that it is configured to use the relative polling mode.

[01:05] This tells this binding to pull at the project's polling base rate, of again, five seconds. If I wanted to, I could give this binding its own custom rate by selecting the absolute polling mode. This will allow me to configure the polling rate within the binding itself. Finally, I can use the spinner to add or subtract seconds from the polling base rate as well. Now, you can configure a project's polling based rate from the designer by going to the project menu, project properties, when the project properties window appears, we can head over to the vision timing section, where we will find the polling base rate setting, which can be set to literally anything you want. Just like that, you can either have your database related bindings follow a global polling rate by using this polling base rate setting, or you can configure a custom polling rate within the binding configuration itself.

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