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Clients can be launched with Java Web Start in Full Screen mode from the Gateway Webpage or the Designer. Full Screen mode creates a Client that takes up the entire monitor including the Windows Taskbar. Settings and programs other than Ignition are required to block the user from getting to their desktop.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] Ignition clients can be launched in a full screen mode. To do this, we first need to come to the home section of our gateway webpage. We then find the project we want to launch in the list of projects available and click the dropdown button next to the Launch button. In the dropdown menu, there will be an option called Full Screen. We're going to select this option. In Chrome, it'll ask us if we want to keep the file. We're going to keep it. And go ahead and select it to launch it. You'll notice that the client launches in full screen and doesn't have any borders and can't be resized. Because of this, we have an X button up at the top right corner here that allows us to close out of the client, though this can be disabled. In addition, any keyboard shortcuts, such as Alt + Tab or Control + Alt + Delete will still continue to work and they won't be blocked by the Ignition client. If you wanted to block those keyboard shortcuts, you would have to do so from your system's operating system or using third a party program.

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